Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job ... Find & Apply for USPS Jobs ... Schedule Postal Exams - 2020 Edition

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There are 3 steps in the new hiring and testing program: (1) Find an open job posting. (2) Apply for the job. (3) Take an exam. But you will never have to worry about the exam if you have job search or application problems. Unfortunately, the glitchy job search function and the problematic application process present a number of challenging obstacles. Our Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job guide is the solution to all these problems.

Problems: Flawed job search, strange job titles, chronic posting errors & contradictory application instructions

  • Flawed job search. You can supposedly do text, location, and functional area job searches, but none report all available jobs because the USPS uses generic, off-the-shelf software that does not interface well with the odd way they post jobs.
  • Strange job titles. Take a guess at what they call the clerk who works at the front counter in a Post Office —- a Sales Service & Distribution Associate. Who would ever think of searching for an odd job title like that?
  • Chronic posting errors by the over 30,000 Postmasters nationwide who post their own jobs. Even if you know the correct job title to search, abbreviations, misspellings, and other errors will prevent you from ever seeing all available jobs.
  • Maximum of 100 results per search. You may never see all available jobs because your search results will max out at 100, and the remaining postings that meet your criteria simply disappear.
  • Confusing, contradictory, and incomplete application instructions. The instructions are about what you would expect from a federal agency, kinda like doing your income tax report. You must guess what to do, or not to do, in a number of sections.

Solution: Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job

  • Hacks to get the job search to really work. Included in our Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job guide are details on using a multi-layered and filtered approach to get around the dysfunctional software, the chronic posting errors, and the max of 100 results.
  • Directory of official job titles. Our Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job guide includes a complete directory of official job titles with job descriptions and required exams – everything you need to know about every entry level job.
  • Comprehensive application instructions for every aspect of the lengthy application. Included also in our Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job guide are tips from Postal hiring authorities on exactly what they want to see in your application.

These solutions are more important than you may think. If your application is not completed and submitted correctly, it will be kicked out, and you will never be invited to take the test or be considered for a job.

As a plus, our Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job guide provides details on all Postal employment exams. But it is not a test prep guide. See our USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide to effectively prepare for the exams used to fill the vast majority of all entry level jobs

Together, our three guides – Shortcuts to Your Post Office Job, USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Test Prep Guide, and USPS Interview Questions & Answers – assure you a Postal career via a successful job search, the highest possible score, and a favorable interview rating. And you can save $20 by purchasing them together in our Complete Postal Job, Exam & Interview Prep Course. Click here for details.


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