Complete Postal Exam 473 / 473E Interactive eGuide - 2019 Edition

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Comprehensive preparation for the new electronic exam featuring…

  • Six complete ultra-realistic online practice exams
  • Full info on exam content and effective test-taking tips
  • Comprehensive instructions covering every detail of the new test
  • Simple memorization techniques for the mind-boggling memory section
  • Chart your progress & plan your preparation with automatically scored practice exams

This new electronic online study guide offers complete paperless test preparation. The information is 100% up-to-date, and the practice tests are virtually identical to the real exam. To quote the author…

“When it comes to electronic tests, a study guide is either 100% right, or it’s 100% wrong. And to master the speed and skills demanded, you must practice extensively with realistic interactive online sample exams formatted precisely like the real thing. Again, the practice exams are either exactly right, or they’re completely wrong. There’s nothing in between.”

You have immediate access to the guide upon purchasing it, and there is nothing to download. Simply return to our site and login to access the online electronic tutorials and practice exams anytime you like. Check out the customer reviews to see what other applicants have to say about this guide.

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It is an electronic online study guide.

About the Author
National booksellers rank T. W. Parnell the #1 bestselling Postal job and exam author. His guides are praised for the most up-to-date information, for the most realistic sample test questions, and … most important of all … for helping his customers really get the job!

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