PSE Automotive Mechanic / Technician Jobs in connecticut

What is this job?

The U.S. Postal Service has over 200,000 vehicles, the largest civilian fleet of vehicles in the world. The Postal Service employs over 4,000 Automotive Mechanics / Technicians to perform repairs and maintenance on these vehicles.

Wages can vary by location, but the average salary for a career Automotive Mechanic / Technicians is $60,000 per year. Specific information on wages is provided on individual job postings

Automotive Mechanic / Technician positions come with the full range of benefits for which the Postal Service is famous. See our Career Benefits page for details.

(You may see a posting for a PSE Automotive Mechanic / Technician if they are not prepared to hire a career employee at that particular time or location. This job would perform the same functions, but it is a non-career position that comes with lesser wages that vary geographically and with partial or no benefits. Specific information on wages and benefits are included on individual job postings. PSE is an acronym for Postal Support Employee. When posted as a PSE job, this should be viewed as a starting point for a career Automotive Mechanic / Technician position. In such a case, when a career Automotive Mechanic / Technician position becomes available, it will be filled by promoting a PSE Automotive Mechanic / Technician. PSEs are typically hired for 360 day terms and can be reappointed for additional 360 day terms. See our PSE Jobs page for details.)

How do I get it?

Below is a brief recap of the hiring and testing process. See our How to apply page for full details.

1. First you must find an open job posting on the USPS website. This sounds easy enough, but unfortunately the Postal Service online job search function is a nightmare due to technical issues and chronic posting errors. See our Why the Postal Job Search Function Does Not Work article for details.

2. Once you find a job posting, you apply for that job online. Again this sounds easy enough, but the online application process is a seemingly endless series of conflicting instructions, confusing forms, electronic steps, cover letters, and attachments.  Our book How to Really Get Postal Jobs is a step-by-step guide for successfully navigating the challenging job search, the frustrating application process, and the employment interview. Included is their official checklist used when interviewing applicants for Automotive Mechanic / Technician jobs. You will have the inside scoop needed to ace your employment interview!

3. You are scheduled to take an employment exam as you apply. Automotive Mechanic / Technician jobs, are filled from exam 943/944. See our Exam 943/944 page for details on exam content. We do not publish a true study guide for exam 943/944. Broad mechanical knowledge and years of automotive experience is needed for success. But our book How to Really Get Postal Jobs does provide one complete sample test for the Personal Characteristics & Experience section of exam 943/955.