Professional Corporate Jobs Jobs in maryland

What is this job?

This category covers a number of professional positions at Postal headquarters and key locations nationwide. A very limited number of people will be interested in this job group because it represents very few opportunities and because each of these opportunities demands advanced education, training, experience, etc. At any given time, only a handful these Professional Corporate Jobs will be posted online compared to hundreds of the more traditional Postal jobs.

Below is a sampling of the professions included under this category.

Accounting / Finance | Information Technology
Architecture | Labor Relations
Economics | Legal
Education | Marketing / Advertising
Emergency Preparedness | Public Affairs / Communication
Employee Development / Training | Real Estate
Engineering | Sales
Government Relations | Statistics
Healthcare | Strategic Planning
Human Resources | Supply Management / Purchasing

There is obviously no single job description, set of requirements, or salary range that can cover all these fields. Whenever they post such an opening, full details including the salary, job description and requirements for that particular job are provided.

How do I get it?

Following is a brief recap of the hiring and testing process. See our How to apply page for full details.

1. First you must find an open job posting on the USPS website. This sounds easy enough, but unfortunately the Postal Service online job search function is a nightmare that does not work as intended due to technical issues and chronic posting errors. See our Why the Postal Job Search Function Does Not Work article for details.

2. Once you find a job posting, you apply for that job online. Again this sounds easy enough, but the online application process is a seemingly endless series of conflicting instructions, confusing forms, electronic steps, cover letters, and attachments.  Our How to Really Get Postal Jobs is a step-by-step guide for successfully navigating the challenging job search, the frustrating application process, and the employment interview. Included is their official checklist used when interviewing applicants for PSE and Assistant jobs. You will have the inside scoop needed to ace your employment interview!

3. Professional Corporate Job applicants do not have to take an employment exam. Hiring decisions are based strictly upon application content and interviews. Hiring authorities choose applicants to be interviewed based upon a review of applications received.